Why Having a Mobile Site is Important

You’ve started a business and you’ve built it up to the point where it’s very successful. And, you’ve even created a website and it looks pretty fantastic. What more could you need? Well, if you currently don’t also have a mobile site, you’ll need to go one step further. A mobile website is a website that has been optimized to be viewed on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. They typically look the same as the original site, only they’re formatted to be viewed on smaller screens and when customers are on-the-go. But, do you really need one? The answer is a resounding “yes!” and here’s why.

People are searching everywhere
Gone are the days when a person has to be at home and boot up their PC or laptop before they can get online and research places to shop, eat, or use products and services. Today, people are searching in their cars, at the office, when they walk down the street, and just about anywhere they can go. So if friends are out together and want to go to lunch but don’t know where to go, they’ll likely pull up an app or a search engine and look into nearby restaurants. (They’ll also do this if they’re out shopping for a particular product or service and need to know where to go.) If you don’t have a mobile site, the chances are good that your business will not show up in the results, and customers won’t even know about your business in order to be able to go there. You absolutely need a mobile site in order to be visible among the competition today.

Be more visible in homes, too
You can increase sales even more than just by being visible in apps and search engines, though. In fact, today when customers need a product or service, they search on their tablets or smartphones - even when they’re at home. Smaller devices are simply becoming more popular because they’re easier to handle and carry around. Customers might order your product or service right online, which increases online sales, or they might just research the product before finding it and visiting the store where they found it. Either way, you’re going to see an increase in sales, but you’ll need a mobile site before you see that difference take place.

Creating a mobile site doesn’t need to be a lengthy and expensive process. Just like when you were setting up your original site, there are many different packages suited to different needs. In fact, you can have your mobile website up and running for a cost of anywhere between $13 a month to thousands of dollars a month. It all depends on how large your website is, how much storage and broadband you want, and how many visitors it will receive on any given day. No matter which type you choose though, there are no negatives to having a mobile site, meaning that you and your business will only be reaping benefits by having one.