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How to configure your spam filter.

How to configure your spam filter:

Select the Black List or White List option under "Email," in your Account Manager

Whitelisting will cause all emails from the address to arrive despite any triggers from the spam filter.
Blacklisting will block all email from the address from arriving, despite normal filters.

To blacklist or whitelist an entire domain name use the following syntax: *
Once you have updated your settings, click update. You will see a confirmation that says "Blacklist/Whitelist has been updated."

If you are experiencing any issues with receiving emails, we will need to be supplied with the following when creating a support ticket:

  • Bounceback message
  • The email message attempting to be sent to you, this can be forwarded to another account then sent to us, or sent to us in a .eml format
  • The headers of the email attempting to be sent to you. The sender may need to contact their email provider for further assistance obtaining these
  • The sending email address, the receiving email address, the subject, and the approximate time and date sent including the time zone